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Design and engineering

he company operating principle is substantive study of the project, identification of problem areas that require new unconventional solutions, development of technical documentation and its coordination with the customer, manufacture and supply of spare parts for equipment.

In each specific case the scope of work is agreed with the customer and can relate to both services of the design documentation development and complex project with manufacturing, testing (if necessary and to the extent possible), supply of spare parts and equipment units, commissioning, warranty service and staff training.

The supplied equipment can be manufactured according to the customer's documentation and in the absence of thereof according to new documentation developed by our specialists and based on measurements of the existing equipment.

If necessary, our specialists will offer the customer the best options to upgrade the existing equipment, considering the accumulated experience and modern development of this type of equipment, which will significantly improve the operational characteristics of the equipment.

Our technical specialists perform the following design works with 3D modeling:
• expert assessment of existing equipment;
• development of design documentation for new equipment on the customer's orders;
• processing of design documentation developed by the customer or outdated, in accordance with requirements ESKD, ISO, EN, DIN standards, manufacturing technology and trends in development of this kind of equipment;
• development of design documentation for upgraded equipment;
• implementation of strength calculations for particularly stressed parts and assemblies with the provision of results;
• development of repair drawings;
• development of operating documentation sets (operation manuals, instructions, spare parts sheets, etc.)

Our specialists use modern hardware and software to design in CAD/CAM/CAE systems, which allow us to execute customers’ orders promptly and at a high professional level.

Our employees have obtained the patents in the field of engineering for their new developments.
During all production stages, from development of technical documentation to packaging the specialists of our technical department carry out Quality control of the manufactured products in accordance with instruction MI DKBN 001 (equipment manufacturing rules), developed and implemented by our company.