Products and Services

Industrial hydraulics

One of our main activities is developing the projects of unique hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with a wide range of sizes and designs in accordance with the customer’s requirements, subsequent organization of production, delivery within the agreed terms and warranty service.

In addition to hydraulic cylinders, DEKUB Engineering can supply individual mating parts or machine units, including hydraulic control units.

We are offering:
• High-quality hydraulic cylinders of individual design
• Best update solutions for the existing hydraulic cylinder
• Development of technical documentation in default of original drawings
• High-quality materials of manufacture and the best brands of components and industrial rubber goods
• Diameter of rod (piston) from 20 to 1200 mm
Stroke from 50 to 10000 mm and more
• Roughness of the honed surface to Ra 0.2 μm
• Testing 100% of the manufactured cylinders
• Full traceability and control of production and delivery
• Professional competence from the beginning to the end of the project

Specialists of the technical department control quality of production at each stage, they also carry out final acceptance before shipment. Based on test reports and other inspection documents, we issue Quality Certificate/Product Passport for each cylinder and further send it to the customer together with the products.